STAND UP | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Challenge: How to bring attention to the education system in the United States at a global level?
Answer: You crop circle the world of course!

The Stand Up campaign is about brining awareness that the education system in the United States is broken and it needs to be fixed. We divided a 2 part roll out system to launch the Stand Up Initiative.

Part 1:
Go around the world and crop circle the top 25 country per their rankings of 1st to 25th. With the use of YouTube at the time being the initial onset of viral messaging, we would make 25 different accounts in each country to post videos about these mysterious markings popping up.

Part 2:
20 city concert/rally starting off in New York City and ending in Los Angeles. We also came up with a mobile message about the drop-out rate which would be a giant ticker on the back of a industrial truck counting and tracking the amount of people that had dropped out from the beginning to the end of the tour. A third reach would be in the form of print and television advertising speaking to the demographic of the USA about how the current education system was a big industrial factory farm pumping out uneducated and unprepared individuals.

Co-Creative, art direction, design + concepts.
Client: STAND UP | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


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